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  • As a special kind of slurry pump, Cheap High head heavy duty MZJ slurry pump a single-stage single suction slurry pump. The pump body adopts internal and external bimetallic structure, and the pump shell is vertical middle open outlet. The nozzle can rotate eight different positions at 45 ° intervals.

  • Centrifugal Electric Submersible Slurry Pump Sand Pump Long Distance Vertical Pump High Pressure Submersible Sand Pump
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  • Buy submersible sludge pump Features and uses: the submersible slurry pump is developed through screening and improvement to overcome its shortcomings. It has been comprehensively optimized and innovated in the aspects of hydraulic model, sealing technology, mechanical structure, protection and control. This product has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation, safe and reliable use and long service life. When the pump is submerged, there is no need to build a complex ground pump house and fixed devices, no noise and vibration, and the site is cleaner.

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  • The Quality Anti Abrasive Horizontal Slurry Pump is designed to handle the transfer of abraisive and high density slurries in mining and other heavy industry.