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  • The shield of slurry pump is an important part of slurry pump, which is the same as the sheath and impeller
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  • Slurry pump impeller is mainly flow parts, including: impeller, pump body, pump cover, volute, front guard plate, rear guard plate, auxiliary impeller, shaft sleeve, positioning sleeve, pump shell, bracket, water seal ring, packing gland, packing box, decompression cover, labyrinth ring, etc.

  • A mechanical seal is a shaft sealing device of a rotating machine, which means that at least a pair of end faces perpendicular to the axis of rotation are kept in close contact and relatively sliding under the action of fluid pressure and the elastic force (or magnetic force) of the compensation mechanism and the cooperation of the auxiliary seal. Constructed to prevent fluid leakage. Mechanical seal is one of the shaft seal types of slurry pumps.You can rest assured to buy mechanical seal of slurry pump from us.

  • The sheath of slurry pump is an important part of slurry pump and one of the overflow parts
    Because its shape is like a snail, slurry pump volute liner is also called a spiral case
    The material can be high chromium metal alloy and rubber

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  • River Dredging Submersible Slurry Pump is a submersible slurry pump of our company. This series of submersible slurry pumps has compact structure, excellent performance, stable operation, convenient installation and flexible movement. It is an ideal equipment for conveying various abrasive slurries in enterprises and institutions such as building materials, municipal administration, environmental protection and river dredging.