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  • When the pump shaft position is perpendicular to the horizontal plane, it is called vertical slurry pump. Because the general vertical slurry pump is used in the slurry pool to pump the slurry, and the pump head should be placed below the liquid level, it is also called underwater slurry pump, but not all of them are submerged in the water. If the motor and other non pump head components are also put into the slurry, the pump is called submersible slurry pump.


  • There are two conditions that may cause unstable working conditions during the operation of the slurry pump: one is that the H-Q performance curve of the pump is in the shape of a hump, and the other is that there should be a liquid level that can rise and fall freely or other parts that can store and release energy in the pipeline device


  • Since our company was established in 1998, our centrifugal pumps have been sold to more than 200 countries and regions around the world, and we are very grateful to our new and old customers for their strong support.


  • DEPUMP always supply the professional and technical support for Mining Slurry Pumps.


  • DEPUMP 12/10 high chrome Slurry Pump headed to Hungary, this slurry pump with high chrome (A05) material will be used for sand applications. It is extremely used for transferring the sands with small particles.


  • Summary of inspection points for centrifugal pump maintenance:1. Inspection of pump shaft • First clean the pump shaft with kerosene, polish the surface of the pump shaft with sandpaper, and check whether there are grooves and wear on the surface. • At the same time, check the wear of the keyway on the shaft. If the wear of the keyway is too large, reopen the keyway at 1800 opposite the pump shaft.