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  • DEPUMP submersible slurry pump is the hydraulic machinery with coaxial motor and water pump and submerged in the medium work.The series products are designed and manufactured by absorbing the foreign advanced technology.


  • The flow must be monitored at any time to meet the parameter requirements. Once the flow is unstable, too large or too small, it must be adjusted in time.


  • When the HYSS series hydraulic submersible slurry pump is working, the two cutter rotate on both sides, the excavation drives the flow of the solid particle medium, and is pushed to the suction port of the sand pump by the rotation of the agitating blade to realize the suction and discharge.


  • Many users, including new practitioners of slurry pumps, often cannot distinguish the difference between a submerged vertical slurry pump and a submersible slurry pump. Submersible and submersible seem to be similar in name, but there are essential differences.


  • When the pump shaft position is perpendicular to the horizontal plane, it is called vertical slurry pump. Because the general vertical slurry pump is used in the slurry pool to pump the slurry, and the pump head should be placed below the liquid level, it is also called underwater slurry pump, but not all of them are submerged in the water. If the motor and other non pump head components are also put into the slurry, the pump is called submersible slurry pump.


  • There are two conditions that may cause unstable working conditions during the operation of the slurry pump: one is that the H-Q performance curve of the pump is in the shape of a hump, and the other is that there should be a liquid level that can rise and fall freely or other parts that can store and release energy in the pipeline device