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  • Sludge pump technology types are: direct discharge, relay discharge, digging and blowing, underwater sand absorption technology, tide waiting construction technology, mud pouring bag construction technology. Here are a few examples:


  • Before installation of slurry pump,there are many types of slurry pump, the transmission medium is different, choose the slurry pump is also different, slurry pump should be carried out in accordance with the transportation of liquid choice, so choose the right of the slurry pump, effectively extending the use of the slurry pump cycle, reduce the amount of maintenance, so as to improve the economic benefits of the factory.


  • Summary of inspection points for centrifugal pump maintenance:1. Inspection of pump shaft • First clean the pump shaft with kerosene, polish the surface of the pump shaft with sandpaper, and check whether there are grooves and wear on the surface. • At the same time, check the wear of the keyway on the shaft. If the wear of the keyway is too large, reopen the keyway at 1800 opposite the pump shaft.


  • Pay attention to the slurry pump's restriction on the delivery particle size: if the selected pump has a particle size smaller than the particle size of the solid particles in the slurry, it will easily cause the impeller flow channel to block. After the impeller is blocked, the flow and head of the pump will not meet the requirements. In severe cases, it will not work normally, and the shaft may be broken. In order to avoid this problem, a pump type with a large particle size should be selected or a filter screen should be added to the suction port of the pump to restrict the large particle medium from entering the pump.


  • From the perspective of market demand, although the absolute number of submersible slurry pumps has not exceeded that of vertical slurry pumps, it has a rapid development momentum, mainly due to the convenience and flexibility mentioned above.


  • Let's talk about the familiar vertical slurry pump. Here we refer to ZJL and SP submerged slurry pump. Strictly speaking, submersible slurry pump also belongs to vertical slurry pump, because its shaft is basically vertical when it works, but it can be completely immersed in water when it runs, so it is called submersible slurry pump.