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Effects of medium conditions on the safe operation of slurry pumps.

1. Pay attention to the slurry pump's restriction on the delivery particle size: if the selected pump has a particle size smaller than the particle size of the solid particles in the slurry, it will easily cause the impeller flow channel to block. After the impeller is blocked, the flow and head of the pump will not meet the requirements. In severe cases, it will not work normally, and the shaft may be broken. In order to avoid this problem, a pump type with a large particle size should be selected or a filter screen should be added to the suction port of the pump to restrict the large particle medium from entering the pump.

2. Different materials are used for different media: slurry pump materials are divided into two categories: strong wear resistance and low corrosion resistance and strong corrosion medium wear resistance. The corrosion resistance mainly refers to acid corrosion resistance and alkaline corrosion resistance. Therefore, when selecting the pump, it is necessary to understand the nature of the medium and select the appropriate material to ensure the service life of the pump.  

3. Pay attention to the influence of medium temperature: slurry pumps are generally designed for conveying normal temperature medium. It has been proved that the temperature of the conveyed slurry should be limited to 160℃. If the temperature is too high, not only the bearing is unbearable, but the thermal shock resistance of the material will also decrease. That is, when the temperature is too high, thermal shock (water hammer) may cause the slurry pump body to burst. 


4. Limitation of slurry concentration: The centrifugal slurry pump has an important feature, that is, the mass concentration of the conveying medium must not exceed 60%. After exceeding, the centrifugal throwing effect will be severely limited, the head will be greatly reduced, and the shaft seal problem will also Unable to resolve.


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