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How to ensure that the slurry pump works in a high temperature environment


The slurry pump may be exposed to high temperature during use, which will affect its working efficiency for a long time. If the ambient temperature is too high, we must adjust the machine in time. So when we encounter this situation, how to operate the machine to keep the machine running normally without any problems? Today, let us introduce the working mode of the slurry pump in the high temperature environment.

1. Slow down the aging speed of the main insulation motor, prolong its service life, and be more resistant to high temperatures.

2. After the voltage of the slurry pump is adjusted, the working current of the diaphragm pump is reduced to 210A, and the calorific value is relatively reduced, thereby reducing the temperature.

3. Try to balance the load distribution of the two busbar sections to prevent excessive voltage drop caused by an overload of a busbar section.
4. The slurry pump has high speed, high wind pressure and large air volume, and the cooling effect is greatly enhanced. Under the same ambient temperature and load current, the main temperature of the motor dropped by 12°C, and the main temperature of the motor did not exceed the limit in summer.
5. The axial flow fan can be controlled manually. After the header motor is turned off, the axial fan can still operate to completely cool down the header slurry pump motor.

If the slurry pump wants to work normally under high temperature, then you can adjust the mechanical equipment in time according to the above method, so that the slurry pump can cool down its own temperature and run better. At the same time, it can also extend the service life of the equipment, which is actually saving costs for the enterprise. If you want to know more, please feel free to consult us.

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