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Maintance Manuel for Slurry Pump


Reasonable maintenance will prolong the service life of slurry pump components and provide an effective guarantee for the safe and stable operation of slurry pump. Therefore, we should reasonably maintain the slurry pump in daily production.


New slurry pump:
1.1 Thin oil lubricated bearing assembly
1.1.1 Generally, the lubricating oil shall be completely replaced once after the new equipment is put into operation for 120 hours (5 days);
1.1.2 In subsequent use, the lubricating oil shall be changed about every 800 ~ 1000 hours or according to the field application;
1.1.3 Or formulate the replacement cycle according to the actual situation on site;
1.1.4 Regularly check the quality of lubricating oil to prevent deterioration of lubricating oil due to water or other dirt entering the lubricating chamber;
1.1.5 During operation, the operating temperature of the bearing shall be checked frequently (outside the bearing position of the bearing body or bracket body). In any case, it is not allowed to exceed 75 ℃, and the temperature rise shall be less than 35 ℃;
1.1.6 The bearing shall not have abnormal temperature rise or abnormal sound at any time, otherwise, the bearing components shall be disassembled and inspected.

1.2 Grease lubricated bearing assembly -- Slurry Pump
1.2.1 For bearing components lubricated with grease, it is recommended to completely replace the grease after 1500 hours of operation. In subsequent use, it is recommended to completely replace the grease every 7000 hours
1.2.2 wrong lubrication plan often leads to over lubrication or insufficient lubrication. Excessive or insufficient lubrication is incorrect. Too much or too little grease may cause overheating or premature damage of the bearing;
1.2.3 the newly purchased slurry pump has been filled with an appropriate amount of grease at the time of delivery, so it is not necessary to add additional grease at the early stage of operation.

1.2.4 the oil nozzle (Fig, 1) on the end cover is used to lubricate the labyrinth ring of labyrinth seal, and the filling position of bearing grease can be seen only by opening the square screw plug (Fig,2) on the bearing body.

1.3 the overflow parts of the slurry pump are vulnerable parts. During daily operation, pay attention to the wear of the overflow parts at any time and replace them if necessary. When replacing the overflow parts of the slurry pump, ensure that the assembly is correct and the clearance adjustment is reasonable;
1.4 in case of any fault during the operation of the slurry pump, it can be eliminated according to the methods introduced in the common fault analysis and troubleshooting. If the fault cannot be eliminated and the cause of the fault cannot be determined, please contact the service department.


2. In order to ensure longer service life and high performance of the pump, the impeller clearance shall be adjusted regularly (often);

3. Regularly check the fastening of fasteners to ensure firm and reliable connection and avoid equipment damage;