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How to Choose a Slurry Pump?


The choice of pump type There are many types of centrifugal slurry pumps. Different types of pumps should be selected according to the nature of the slurry. Low-abrasive slurry with a weight concentration of less than 30% can be selected as an L-type pump; high-concentration and strong-abrasive slurry pumps can be used Choose AH type pump; when the liquid level changes greatly and need to work under the liquid, you should choose SP (SPR), KZJL type pump. When high-lift delivery is required. Choose ZGB, KZJ or HH pumps.

Selection of performance parameters After the pump type is determined, the head and flow are the basis for selecting the size of the pump and whether it is connected in series. For conveying high-concentration and strong abrasive slurry, the pump's maximum number of revolutions nmax (the highest number of revolutions in the performance curve) is generally not used, and it is more appropriate to choose a number of revolutions of about 3/4nmax. When the selected pump is at 3/4 nmax, the flow rate is appropriate but the head cannot be reached, and multiple pumps in series can be used. For Warman pumps, the flow range of different slurries should also be limited; for high-concentration and strong abrasive slurries, the flow should be selected within the range of 40-80% of the flow rate corresponding to the highest efficiency of the pump; for low-concentration slurries, The flow rate should be selected within the range of 40%-100% of the flow rate corresponding to the highest efficiency of the pump. Generally, it is not selected in the range of 100%—120% of the highest efficiency corresponding to the flow rate.

The selected slurry pump must ensure good operational stability and safe and reliable operation. Therefore, the selected pump should choose the performance corresponding to a short section of the curve after a certain point on the flow and head curve. If the change in flow is large and the change in head or pressure is small in use, the steep drop performance curve should be selected; if the change in head or head is required to be large but the flow change is small, then the steep drop performance curve should be selected. The pump has better anti-cavitation performance.

Selection of shaft seal type Slurry pumps mainly include packing seals, auxiliary impeller seals and mechanical seals. The auxiliary impeller seal is generally used under reverse irrigation. The upper pipe pressure should be less than 10% of the pump outlet pressure. This type of shaft seal does not add shaft seal water, but the auxiliary impeller seal reduces the power consumption, generally about 5% of the rated power . The packing seal needs to add shaft seal water, and ensure sufficient water pressure and water volume. The shaft seal water pressure is equal to the pump outlet pressure plus 35Kpa. The mechanical seal needs to add shaft seal water, with good sealing performance and no leakage.

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