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Ceramic Slurry Pump

DEPUMP Ceramic Material Slurry Pump. Most of the slurry pump use High chrome iron Cr27%, or Rubber lined as the main material. In order to better meet the market demand and meet the transportation conditions under different working conditions. DEPUMP technical team started with the ceramic slurry pump.

The ceramic wear-resistant components of overflow parts are sintered at high temperature. After compounding with polymer materials, they have good mechanical properties and strong wear resistance.

Case 1

The nonferrous copper mine tailings are transported to the underground for filling after concentration, with a lift of about 70m and a maximum concentration of about 60%. The original 100 / 150e-hh slurry pump is used, and the average service life of the overflow parts is about 20-25 days. The service life of 150ZGB slurry pump was still 20-25 days. In September 2016, the ceramic slurry pump was used, and the service life of overflow parts reached more than 6 months.

Case 2

PT mining used 80-485ZGB to transport sulfur concentrate (with a specific gravity of 1.6, a vertical height difference of 19.8m and a pipe length of 2750m). Originally, it was transported in series with two pumps, with a motor power of 132 * 2 = 264kw and a service life of 15-30 days. Later, it was changed into a ceramic slurry pump, which can be transported with only one pump. The motor power is only 132kw, and the service life of the overflow parts can be increased to more than 6 months. Only this pump position can save nearly half million dollars per year.

Case 3

In the second tungsten company, the original fine tail pump adopts 150-ZJ-50 alloy slurry pump, and the service life of overflow parts is about 3-4 months. It was changed into ceramic slurry pump in August 2017, and no maintenance has been done so far.

Application scope of ceramic slurry pump

Ceramic slurry pump is suitable for conveying liquids containing suspended solid particles in metallurgy, mining, coal, electric power, building materials and other industries, such as concentrate, tailings, ash, cinder, cement, slurry, etc.

Requirements for particle fineness in slurry: meet -0.074mm ≥ 45% and + 1mm ≤ 3% at the same time.

The maximum temperature of slurry shall not exceed 90 ℃, and the weight concentration shall not exceed 70%.

Product features of ceramic slurry pump

Super long service life of flow parts: the impeller, front pump body and rear pump body made of ceramic composite material not only have excellent wear resistance, but also have good impact resistance and cavitation resistance. The service life of flow parts is 5-10 times that of high chromium alloy impeller.

Ceramic slurry pump body equipment: pump body split design, simple structure and easy maintenance; In addition, more solid bolts can withstand the pump body pressure under high head.

Higher life-cycle efficiency: 
1.After the metal overflow parts are used for a period of time, honeycomb holes appear on the surface of the overflow parts due to cavitation, and the efficiency decreases significantly. 
2. Ceramic composite over current parts will not have honeycomb holes in the whole service life, and the efficiency decline is not obvious.

Optional flow passage parts combination: for more media with about 1-3mm in the media, such as a grinding condition, the flow passage parts combination of metal impeller + ceramic composite pump body can be selected to obtain a longer service life.

More sealing methods: 
1.Generally, packing + auxiliary impeller seal is selected. 
2.When medium dilution is not allowed, double face mechanical seal shall be selected. 
3. When the medium is allowed to be diluted and there is a certain pressure at the inlet, such as underflow of the thickener and multi-stage series connection, single face mechanical seal + auxiliary impeller seal shall be selected.