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Precautions for the Lifting of the Horizontal Slurry Pump


Precautions for the lifting of the Horizontal Slurry Pump

1. When lifting a horizontal slurry pump without a base or only with a separate seat, the lifting center of gravity should be at the side square hole of the bracket near the pump head, and the wire rope should pass through the vertical upward to connect with the lifting hook. In order to maintain the balance of the slurry pump, an auxiliary lifting wire rope should be set between the eyebolt on the pump casing and the lifting hook. The eyebolts on the bracket cover and the front and rear pump casings are provided for disassembling the bracket cover or the front and rear pump casings. They must not be used for lifting the whole pump alone to avoid accidents.

2. Horizontal slurry pump with hoisting belt motor and common base. The hoisting center of gravity is at the square hole of the bracket near the coupling, and the wire rope passes through and connects with the hoisting hook vertically and upwards. In order to maintain balance, it must be connected with the hoisting hook. An auxiliary hoisting wire rope is arranged between the hoisting eye screw, the motor hoisting eye screw and the hoisting hook above the pump casing.

3. The horizontal slurry pump unit with intermediate speed change device such as coupling should adopt split hoisting.

4. The contact part of the steel wire rope and the pump body should be protected by soft material, so as not to damage the appearance of the slurry pump or cause the wire rope to be cut off.

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