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How to choose a suitable Slurry Pump for Mining


How to choose a suitable Slurry Pump for Mining 

1. The high speed of the impeller may cause excessive wear on the front sealing area of the impeller and the front bushing adjacent to it. Some designs allow adjustment of the gap between the end face of the impeller and the front bushing to compensate for the wear that occurs, so as to maintain the required high performance over time. Experience has shown that the impeller speed should be as low as possible for the slurry pump that extracts the grinding fluid. Abrasion will vary with changes in speed and particle concentration.

2. The impeller of the rubber-lined pump of the Slurry Pump for Mining is limited to a lower circumferential speed, because the pressure fluctuation through the impeller blades may be due to the deformation of the rubber due to internal thermal hysteresis. Increasing pressure fluctuations will eventually lead to degradation of the rubber polymer structure, leading to severe wear.

3. When working environment conditions or other factors are considered for Slurry Pump for Mining, if a longer component service life is required, the impeller rotation speed should be reduced, and note that the wear life will be approximately doubled due to a 20% drop in pump speed.

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