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The main points of attention for the maintenance of the Heavy Duty Slurry Pump

The main points of attention for the maintenance of the Heavy Duty Slurry Pump.The motor control function of the Heavy Duty Slurry Pump is not small, and a good motor can help extend the service life of the mud pump. Motor winding welding is a key technical production and processing process in the production and development process of the motor company, such as the welding of the winding main line and the main line, the welding of the main line and the lead, the welding of the copper bar rotor guide bar and the end ring, etc., all these important links Will choose to directly affect the reliability of the operating system related to the motor.

Common welding technology methods for motor control windings:

1. Silver copper welding is suitable for mud pump welding, high reliability requirements in high temperature working current occasions, and the welding method used by motor manufacturers. Acetylene oxygen torch welding equipment. Welding, to prevent the thread near the motor from burning the wire insulation, the head should be close to the asbestos rope wrapped line. At the same time, it prevents solder and flux from flowing through the coil groove, short-circuiting the insulation caused by burns.

2. The Heavy Duty Slurry Pump soldering operation is more convenient to combine, and the solder joints are firm, so the application research is common, but the working environment temperature is relatively low. Commonly used soldering includes soldering iron soldering and pouring tin. When the number of welding wires is relatively large, the method of pouring tin can be used. Due to the limitation of the low melting point of solder tin, it can only be used in the design of small control motors and motor windings with low temperature rise.

3. When the Heavy Duty Slurry Pump winding is thinner, arc welding can be used. The characteristic of arc welding is that there is no flux, it is quick and convenient, but in the multi-path parallel, there are many thread ends, if the operation is not skilled, it is easy to miss the welding or the welding is not strong.

4. Copper and aluminum welding oxygen welding, when welding, first connect the copper wire or the tin on the copper wire, and then scrape off the clean aluminum wire stranded on the copper wire, and the aluminum wire is slightly higher than the copper wire. Coat a layer of aluminum solder powder, use a neutral flame of gas welding to melt the aluminum wire, and melt the aluminum to the top of the copper to form a spherical solder joint.

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