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Reasonable Method of Applying Horizontal Slurry Pump

Reasonable method of applying Horizontal Slurry Pump

1. There are many types of lining materials for Horizontal Slurry Pump, such as high chromium cast iron, high chromium white cast iron and wear-resistant rubber. In the face of many material choices, choose high chromium cast iron materials, which have good anti-wear properties and are limited to slurry Containing coarse and sharp concentrators; high chromium white cast iron material has good wear resistance, but its toughness is poor and cannot withstand the rapid impact of larger solid particles. Otherwise, the impeller surface material will fall off and the section will be easily corroded. The pits are formed; the wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant properties of the wear-resistant rubber material are better than that of the metal material, and the elasticity is large, but it is only suitable for conveying fine-grained slag without edges. Therefore, the selection of slurry pump linings needs to be reasonably selected according to the type of ore, so as to increase the utilization rate of the pump.

2. Generally, when selecting a Horizontal Slurry Pump, only pay attention to the flow selection of the pump and ignore the selection of the pump head. Some people even think that the higher the head, the more insurance, so the selected slurry pump head should be greater than the actual head requirement. Even a large amount of electrical energy was wasted. The choice of slurry pump should be selected according to the actual head requirements to reduce the number of installed machines and save electricity. In addition, it should be noted that when calculating the head, it is necessary to consider the loss of the head to avoid insufficient pump head, which affects the pump irrigation and drainage efficiency.

3. The unreasonable matching of the power of the motor and the Horizontal Slurry Pump is mainly reflected in the two aspects of "the big cow pulls the small plow, and the calf pulls the big plow", especially the first phenomenon is extremely large, and the matching power is selected to be large, resulting in electrical energy The waste is huge. The latter's matching power is selected to be small, that is, "little cow pulls the big plow", which will cause insufficient slurry supply of the slurry pump. If the motor is overloaded or the pump cannot be driven, the safe and economical operation of the equipment cannot be guaranteed. The solution must be matched with the power of the motor and the slurry pump.

4. If conditions permit, when installing the Horizontal Slurry Pump, try to reduce the amount of elbows, or cancel the "three valves". The pipeline is best to be straight and short. Do not set the water outlet pipe to the "anti-aircraft gun" type, but can be installed underneath. , Inclined installation and other methods to reduce loss. The size of the pipe diameter has a great influence on the loss head. It is best to use a water pipe with a slightly larger diameter of the slurry pump to improve the delivery efficiency of the slurry pump.

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