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Application of Vertical Slurry Pump


Slurry pumps are divided into horizontal slurry pumps, vertical slurry pumps, submersible slurry pumps and submerged slurry pumps. They can transport a variety of liquids and are widely used in power plants, petroleum, coal washing plants, chemical plants, and metallurgy, Mines, etc.

Vertical Slurry Pump

This article introduces the wide range of applications of Vertical Slurry Pump

1. In power plants, Vertical Slurry Pump are mainly used for ash removal in power plants, so they are also called ash pumps or ash slag pumps. The power plant mainly uses coal to generate electricity. The ash after burning coal falls into the slag hopper below the furnace, and is flushed with water into the slurry pump room with the fine ash separated from the dust collector. Then there is a slurry pump used by the power plant. This is called mortar pumping to the ash yard.

2. In petroleum and chemical plants, slurry pumps are used to transport liquids and provide chemical reactions, and are sometimes used to adjust liquid temperature. Most of the raw materials in petroleum and chemical plants are liquid, and the raw materials into semi-finished products or finished products need to go through a complex chemical reaction. The slurry pump plays the role of transporting the liquid raw materials and providing the flow and pressure required for the chemical reaction.

3. In the metallurgy and mining industries, slurry pumps are mainly used for drainage and pumping water to wash ore. The mine is mainly used for drainage. In the process of beneficiation and smelting, it is necessary to use a slurry pump to pump water for cleaning.

4. Vertical Slurry Pump are widely used in shipbuilding, urban water supply and drainage, paper mills, pharmaceutical factories and other industries, and they are indispensable important equipment in the machinery industry.