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Purpose of Submersible Slurry Pump for Mining


Precautions for assembly of Submersible Slurry Pump for Mining. Shaft assembly for mining submersible slurry pump
(1) Lubricant should be coated on the mounting surface before Submersible Slurry Pump for Mining assembly to avoid seizure with the mating surface and protect the shaft hole from damage.
(2) The bearing installation adopts the hot-loading method. Put the bearing into a heating box containing organic oil, and heat it to 80-100°C with the oil. The mating surfaces should all be immersed in the oil tank. A thermometer should be placed, and the temperature should be strictly controlled to not exceed 100°C. After hot-loading, it should be cooled naturally, and not abruptly to avoid damage or deformation of parts.
2. Bearing assembly for mining submersible slurry pump
(1) The bearings that have passed the inspection must be used, and the bearing parts must be maintained.
(2) Check the bearing inner diameter, outer diameter, width, parallelism of the two ends of the raceway, surface roughness, and whether there are defects such as rust and spots, and whether the rotation is flexible.
(3) For angular contact bearings and double-row self-aligning bearings, the bearing clearance should be inspected separately to find the center of the raceway, and whether to add padding and padding thickness is determined according to the height of the inner ring relative to the outer ring. The padding thickness is in accordance with the guaranteed bearing The standard clearance is determined.
(4) When assembling the detachable bearing, it must be installed in accordance with the alignment marks of the inner and outer rings and cannot be installed in disorder.
(5) For bearings with adjustable head assembly, the numbered end should be outwards for identification during assembly.