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How to Disassemble Impeller of Slurry Pump


Slurry pump impeller disassembly, installation and replacement method The bottom of the equipment is equipped with a coaxial strong wear-resistant stirring impeller, or an electric stirrer can be installed independently (the number can be controlled within 1-4), and the strong stirring of the wear-resistant material reamer can be used. The bottom sediment is stirred to form a suspended slurry, which is pumped at the same time. Products are widely used in mining, electric power, metallurgy, coal, environmental protection and other industries to transport slurry containing abrasive solid particles, such as gold mining, metallurgical beneficiation plant slurry transportation, thermal power plant hydraulic ash removal, coal washing plant coal slurry and heavy media Transportation, river dredging, river pumping and dredging, etc.

A brief introduction to the advantages of the pump:
1. Question: Is the product subject to suction limit?
   Answer: The customer tries to customize according to the actual working conditions as much as possible, and is not limited by the suction range, sand suction, and sand removal.
2. Question: Can the slurry at the bottom of the deep water be pumped up?
   Answer: The separately installed wear-resistant stirring impeller directly contacts the deposition surface, and the concentration is controlled by the depth of the dive, which makes the concentration control more freely.
3. Is the impeller made of wear-resistant material?
   Answer: The main flow parts such as pump casing, impeller, stirring impeller, upper and lower cover plates are all made of high chromium alloy material, which is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. The impeller is a semi-open structure, no blockage, stronger passing force, and The mud and sand have strong capacity and can effectively pass through larger solid particles.
4. Question: How to disassemble, install and replace the impeller of slurry pump Does the motor need to be submerged to work?
   Answer: The motor is submerged under water, Impeller of Slurry Pump is more convenient to install and maintain, and the work site is cleaner and orderly.
5. Q: Does your pump still need to be equipped with an auxiliary vacuum pump?
   Answer: No need to be equipped with auxiliary vacuum pump, easier to install and use, and lower investment.