MAHR Rubber Lined Slurry Pump

MAHR rubber lined slurry pump, corrosion-resistant slurry pump, generally means that the lining of the slurry pump is made of rubber. From the lining material of the slurry pump, it can be divided into rubber lining and metal lining (high chromium). The rubber pump is that the inner lining of the slurry pump is made of natural rubber.
The lining of the slurry pump is generally divided into two types, wear-resistant metal and wear-resistant rubber. Rubber lining is generally better than metal lining (high chromium) in corrosion resistance, but the corrosion resistance is not very good. The metal high-chromium alloy lining generally has good wear resistance. Therefore, when choosing a slurry pump, the lining material must be selected according to the customer's industrial and mining conditions and the composition of the slurry to be transported.
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