Dredging Sand Slurry Pump
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  • Air ProDredging Sand Slurry Pump
  • Air ProDredging Sand Slurry Pump

Dredging Sand Slurry Pump

Heavy Duty Mining Centrifugal Gravel Dredging Sand Slurry Pump Abrasion Resistant Solid Handling Centrifugal Sand Washing Slurry Pump

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Product Description

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Slurry pump application: 
Centrifugal mining slurry pump are widely used in mining, power, metallurgy, coal, deading, building material and other industrial lines to pump concentrate, tailings, sludge and other abrasive, high density slurries. 
● Minerals Flotation Processing
● Electric Factory Coal Preparation
● Coal Washing
● Chemical Medium Processing
● Effluent Handling
● Sand And Gravel Handling

Dredging Sand Slurry Pump

The structure of slurry pump is as follows.
(1) Pump head structure. The pump body adopts double-layer pump shell (inner and outer double-layer metal structure), the shell structure of double pump shell is vertical open, and the water outlet position can be adjusted according to 45 ° Interval, rotate 8 different positions to install and use. In order to effectively prevent shaft seal leakage, the combination of power seal, packing seal or mechanical seal is adopted. Labyrinth type gap seal is set between the impeller and the rear guard plate, which greatly reduces the leakage of slurry to the stuffing box and effectively ensures the reliability of the seal. The impeller is equipped with a back blade to discharge the reflux slurry in time, so as to improve the volume ratio, reduce the reflux and erosion, and improve the service life of the flow passage parts. In order to facilitate maintenance and disassembly, a disassembly ring is provided to avoid the phenomenon of shaft cutting caused by failure of disassembly.

(2) Bracket structure. In order to prolong the service life of the bearing, the hydraulic design and structural design are optimized. The reasonable distribution of radial force and axial force, and the correct selection of bearing form, model, cooling and lubrication mode, etc. can meet the requirements of low heating and high service life.

(3) Shaft seal type. The shaft sealing device plays a sealing role between the pump body and the pump shaft. It can prevent air from entering the pump and a large amount of water from leaking out of the pump. The sealing form of centrifugal slurry pump usually adopts the auxiliary impeller plus packing seal. The auxiliary impeller plus packing seal is a hydrodynamic seal, which relies on the pressure head generated by the auxiliary impeller to resist the liquid leakage at the outlet of the impeller. At the same time, the impeller cover plate is provided with back blade, water seal ring and packing to prevent air from entering, and the back blade and water seal ring are used to reduce the pressure at the packing, It can prevent impurities from entering the seal.

Dredging Sand Slurry PumpDredging Sand Slurry Pump

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